Graphic designer and photographer Slawomir Paszak

I didn’t learn photography at school, I started working in a photo lab developing black and white films and prints of photos from school events and family celebrations. After the photo lab was closed down, I started taking photos on commission and developing my creative skills and photo-taking techniques (methods of taking night photos, creating portraits and preparing product photos).

Later, I became interested in digital photography and developed the ability to work with models during photo shoots. This resulted in new projects and ideas for implementation sites.

Many of my photos were created thanks to another passion, which is cycling. So it is worth seeing some photos of landscapes and interesting places or monuments seen during cycling trips on this website.

Currently, my direction is to create photos for the presentation of products and services of companies. I still create portraits and take occasional photos, for example, at weddings or birthdays. So I invite people willing to pose (free of charge or for a fee) to discuss the details and order or consent to the photos.