Graphic designer and photographer Slawomir Paszak

I have been dealing with photography for over 25 years, starting with working in a photo lab and developing black and white photos from school events and family celebrations. After that, with many breaks, I continued working with photos as a photographer, using them in my graphic projects over time. Currently, it is mainly my hobby, to which I devote my free time as I work somewhere else.

In addition, while cycling a lot, I supplement my portfolio with photos of landscapes and interesting places or historic buildings seen along the road.


I am open to new photographic and designer projects. I am happy to acquire new skills and meet people, and thanks to photography I help others accept myself.

Currently, portrait photo sessions are made on request only outside my own studio, which is closed until I return to normal non-COVID life.

Outside, I carry out all kinds of occasions, company, and product (packshot) photos.