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The Kelpies, Scotland

The Kelpies, Falkirk

82 km cycling trip from Glasgow to Falkirk along the Forth and Clyde Ship Canal.

The Kelpies are two monumental sculptures of horse heads, located in Falkirk, Scotland. They were designed by artist Andy Scott and completed in 2013. The sculptures are inspired by the mythological creatures of the same name, which were said to inhabit the lochs and rivers of Scotland. The Kelpies are made of stainless steel and stand 30 meters tall, weighing 300 tonnes each. They are the largest equine sculptures in the world and a symbol of Scotland’s industrial and agricultural heritage.

International historic civil engineering landmark Forth & Clyde Ship Canal was constructed from Grangemouth to Glasgow in the years 1768-1777 and the section Glasgow to Bowling in 1785-1790. The canal was closed due to the poor technical condition and the fact that shipping was stopped in 1963. The Canal was reopened in 2001 after modernization coast, re-vitalization and deep cleaning.
The canal. which in addition to inland traffic, accommodated full-masted coastal ships between The North and Irish Seas, represents a world landmark in canal engineering development. The project significantly advanced the industrial revolution in Scotland, and its organization proved the model for civil engineering work down to the present.

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