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Bike trip along the Forth and Clyde Canal

Bowling, Forth and Clyde Canal (Scotland) canal marina

One of the first longer routes I have cycled back and forth in one day. The length of the road is approximately 52 km, starting from Glasgow to Bowling via National Cycle Route No 7. One-way travel is mostly by the banks of the Fourth & Clyde Canal. Return along the Clyde River through Clydebank, Yoker, Whiteinch and the cycle path through Green Park, Alexandra Parade to Riddrie.

One of the most enjoyable ways to explore the scenic landscapes of Scotland is to take a bike trip along the Forth and Clyde Canal. This historic waterway connects the east and west coasts of the country, passing through many towns, villages and attractions along the way. You can cycle the entire length of the canal, which is about 56 miles, or choose a shorter section that suits your fitness level and time availability. The canal path is mostly flat and well-maintained, making it suitable for cyclists of all ages and abilities. You will also find plenty of places to stop for refreshments, rest or sightseeing, such as the Falkirk Wheel, the Kelpies, the Antonine Wall and the Glasgow Science Centre. A bike trip along the Forth and Clyde Canal is a great way to experience the history, culture and nature of Scotland in a fun and active way.

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